Interior Framing

Powertech Specialists is capable of handling the most complex interior framing projects with both the use of metal and wood materials. As early pioneers in the use of metal framing techniques in South Florida, our qualified framers are able to complete the most complex projects such as: door ceilings, archways, groin vaults, etc.

Benefits of Steel Framing

Fire Retardant
Mold Resistant
Termite Imperviousness
Eco-friendly (recyclable) 


Powertech Specialists uses only quality drywall products. The use of 5/8” boards over the more commonly used 1/2” boards is stressed for strength integrity purposes. In addition to the use standard gypsum board we also use Dens Armor, Dens Shield, Dura Rock, Fiber Rock, Pitcon, and a host of other specialty building materials.

Structural & Exterior Framing

Powertech Specialists has completed numerous exterior framing and light gauge structural framing jobs throughout Florida. 

Our in-house staff of structural experts knows how to estimate and install even the most complex exterior framing and light gauge structural framing jobs in the industry