Acoustical Ceiling

Powertech Specialists are experts in the installation of acoustical ceiling tile, which enhance the overall look of any room by adding beauty and warmth. There is a lot more involved with acoustical ceiling tile installation than simply laying tile. The process of engineering the grid layout begins during the estimating phase, and with our staff’s years of experience and the use of the latest technology, we are able to identify issues and concerns prior to construction. 

Powertech Specialists are also experts in acoustical ceiling installation around radius’s, curved walls and soffits.  Powertech Specialists will supply and install all ceiling manufacturers’ products from standard 24 x 24 panels, to the most elaborate and detailed custom tiles.


Powertech Specialists encourages the use of quality drywall products on all projects including the use of 5/8″ drywall over the use of the more common 1/2″ drywall.
We are also experts in the use of products such as Dens Armor, Dens Shield, Dura Rock, Fiber Rock, Pitcon, as well as a variety of other specialty drywall products.


Powertech Specialists employs a full-time staff of finishers, all skillfully trained in a variety of finishes including Level 5, Venetian plaster and Veneer plaster finishes.
Our in-house quality control supervisors ensure that our finishes meet the highest standards, while looking out for each client’s best interest.


Powertech Specialists is capable of handling the most complex framing jobs with the use of both steel and wood materials. As early pioneers in the use of metal framing in South Florida, our in-house framers are capable of executing complex projects such as dome ceilings, archways, groin vaults, as well as exterior structures. Benefits of steel framing

  • Fire Resistant
  • Mold Resistant
  • Termite Resistant
  • Green Recycled

Powertech Specialists has developed proprietary techniques for strengthening doorways, leveling walls and ceilings, increasing r- value, and for the most efficient installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Powertech employs quality control procedures starting from the earliest layout and estimating stage, as a result, saving our clients’ time and money while delivering a superior product.

Whether it is for the added strength and durability or the Green credits, when it comes to metal trusses Powertech has got you covered from beginning to end.

Metal Trusses

Our in house design and engineering team will assist you in permitting, and our expert fabrication team will deliver a quality product that only Powertech can.

Green Building

The newest trend in the high-end custom market is to deploy green technology, achieving green standards for greater return on investment, while at the same time creating a product that our builder clients can feel good about.

We offer options and pricing for green products on most of our proposals which builders can then offer to their clients. Such items include mold resistant drywall, recycled steel, certified wood products and enhanced r – value exterior walls, just to name a few. We also work in conjunction with several other sub-contractors in various fields creating a one-stop green solution for our builder clients.

Value Engineering

Along with Powertech’s commitment to customer service, we also offer value engineering for your project. With our extensive experience, we bring ideas and expertise built from years of working with the challenges of the unique custom home market. Starting from the earliest planning and estimating stage, we work diligently to offer solutions to our builders that help create a product that is beyond satisfactory to our customers. Our goal is to create a superior product that both our clients and Powertech will be proud to put their name on it.

We have employed the use of the latest technology and products such as sound, moisture and mold resistant products, the engineering of walls to enhance the R-Value, as well as proprietary techniques to assist in the total building process. Powertech strives to create a cohesive environment working alongside other trades ensuring that mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors can work in an efficient and productive manner, as a result saving our clients’ time and money.